Young Gallery Members’ Exhibition 2018 – Details

Works admissible:

Original Framed works up to 6 per artists. Max dimension 1.25metre (except by agreement). Space in the gallery is finite so there is a strong possibility that less than 6 works per artist will be hung.

If your work is 3D please consider their size and suitability to be exhibited within the glass cabinets – if your work is too large for a cabinet then the artist is responsible for providing a suitable plinth – NB the exhibition will not be curated so be aware of any risk to your work.

Submission no later than 17:00 on Monday 29th October 2018.

The Artist should submit by email or to Graeme Noble –

Please complete the Entry Form – download here – it is a Word document so you can add your details directly for submission (please save it with your own file reference) or you can be print it off to scan and email back to Graeme, (a clear digital photo will suffice) and sent by email to the address above or by snail mail to:
Graeme Noble, 18 Harbord Road, Oxford, OX2 8LJ.

Please make sure all the information is completed as we need this to review the submissions and to complete the list of works to have at the exhibition.

Send your images direct to, between 500KB – 1MB per image. If you struggle sending large size attachments then you can use which is free up to 2GB. Make sure you add Graeme’s email address as destination – this will mean he is notified of the files and can then be downloaded. The files only remain on WeTransfer for a short time. Please make sure your images are high quality to ensure no pixellation when enlarged – scanned or photographed from original i.e. not through glass – orthogonally perfect and carefully cropped.


All images should be clearly labelled with their titles.

Selection of work
At least 3 YGM members will review the works digitally (important therefore that the best quality is achieved) and select the works for hanging and we will inform the artist by Friday 2nd November.

If sculptures or ceramics and the like are to be submitted these need to be of a size that can fit within the glass cabinets in the gallery.


  • 30th September
    Closing date for expressions of interest.
  • 27th October
    Closing Date for submission of application forms and PDFs of work
  • 30th October
    Selection of work from PDF submissions
  • 2nd November
    Deadline for notifying artists re selected works
  • 10th & 12th Nov
    Hand in days – Sat and Mon
  • 14th & 15th Nov
  • 16th November
    Private View @ 6.00pm
  • 17th Nov- 8 Dec
    Exhibition open
  • 10th December
    Collection of works (we have no facility for storage and remember to bring packing if your work requires to be wrapped)

Delivery of Framed works All work must have on the reverse side: – Title of Work – Artists name, postal and email addresses – The description of the medium – The sale price or NFS.

Frames must have MIRROR PLATES fixed to the back of the frames or stretchers – the gallery will not be responsible for facilitating other methods of hanging. Any work with special requirements must have any fixtures or fittings provided with clear instructions.

All wrappings must be removed from the gallery by the artist, and upon collection the artist will be responsible for providing the protection they would like for their work.

Works exhibited may be photographed or images used for publicity or press purposes.

Copyright of all works remains the property of the artist.

Private View
There will be a private view on Friday 16th  November 19th 18:00 – 20:30.  A digital will be circulated to all entrants for them to invite their own guests.

Purchase during the time of an exhibition
The purchaser will pay YGM the full value of the work at the time of purchase. Works will marked sold with a red dot although actual works cannot be removed during the exhibition.

There will be a card reader to allow credit or debit card payments, and receipts will be issued at the time of purchase.

This receipt will need to be presented when collecting any purchased work. At this time the contact details of the purchaser will be recorded, subject to agreement, to allow YGM to advise of future events – the list of our contacts will remain confidential and will not be shared with third parties without the express permission of the party concerned.

The Society will not be responsible at the time of collection for wrapping or making secure any work.

YGM will charge 25% of the value of the sale price, and VAT too if relevant for the particular artist.

All the works will need to be removed from the Gallery on Monday 10th December between 10.00 – 4.00.

If the Artist or the purchaser are unable to make this date/time then the Artist must make other arrangements for collection. There is NO facility for storage.

Purchasers are able to collect but Purchasers must bring their receipt and, ideally, the  artists their entry form on collection.

YGM will not be responsible for wrapping or protecting work purchased or other work.

YGM does not provide insurance cover for loss or damage for any of the works in our possession at the times of exhibitions, in transit, in storage or at any other time. The responsibility for this remains solely with the artist. All wrappings or portfolios will need to be removed from the gallery by the artist.

Payment to Artists
We will endeavour to send the balance of any monies from the sale of works in a short a time as possible, but within 4 working weeks.