Terrain & Conflict: Repercussions

In-line with its mission to show – free-of-charge – high-quality contemporary art that explores essential themes impacting the lives of citizens throughout the UK, Young Gallery’s Terrain and conflict:  Repercussions exhibitions commencing 10 November 2018 are expected to resonate among Salisbury and UK residents.

“The repercussions of conflict are the collective focus of the two exhibitions. Each of them is complemented by a selection of further images from WW1 and WW2,” explains Young Gallery curator Peter Riley.

“Recent criminal events in Salisbury have brought the repercussions of conflict to the fore,” he adds.

“For the last eight month of this year Salisbury has, metaphorically, been twinned with Syria at the centre of the world’s spotlight on the evils of chemical weapon technology, their illicit usage and the devastating effects they have on civilians.

“In Salisbury we have been spared Syria’s physical, infrastructural, social and cultural destruction, but the mental scars of having hosted – 100% unwillingly – criminals bent on dispersing Novochok nerve agent I am sure resonate in Salisbury as much as they do in, say, Aleppo.”

Terrain and conflict:  Repercussions also features works by Arabella Dorman (from 17 November and Steve Pratt (from 11 December)