Symposium on Käthe Kollwitz – March 2nd (Cancelled)

Please note this event was cancelled because of the effects of bad weather.

Now is a great time to consider membership of the Young Gallery, as it will give you a discounted price for our Symposium on Käthe Kollwitz on March 2nd.

Join us for a full day of celebration, exploration, discussion and understanding of the work of Käthe Kollwitz, including a light buffet lunch (booking required by Friday 23rd February). Continue reading Symposium on Käthe Kollwitz – March 2nd (Cancelled)

Call for volunteer stewards – Portrait of the Artist: Käthe Kollwitz

‘The Young Gallery goes global’ might be something of an overstatement but more that 150 people turned out in support of the gallery at a reception for the Kathe Kollwitz exhibition and attended by our MP John Glen and many other civic and art world dignitaries.

The plans for the Young Gallery are ambitious and a team of people has come together to support these plans. The more the merrier! Our ethos is to maintain a light hearted and enjoyable atmosphere and to capitalise on the  talents and interests of our volunteers.

This is your art gallery. Trusts from Edwin Young and John Creasey set up The Young Gallery and collection for the people of Salisbury.

There many ways to get involved with the gallery. Please email me and we can arrange to chat things over.

In the short term (until March 11th)  we could still use a few more volunteers to steward the Käthe Kollwitz exhibition. (Personally I find it a treat to spend time in the gallery with such incredible work despite the harrowing content.)  Again please just be in touch.

Kind Regards

Val Stephenson

Käthe Kollwitz: an art of profound compassion

In December 2017, I first visited the British Museum/Ikon Exhibition of an excellent selection of the works of the German Expressionist artist, Käthe Kollwitz, at the Young Gallery in Salisbury. I was deeply moved and have returned, frequently.

Portraits of women, for me, take pride-of-place. “Self-portrait: en face” (1904) shows a proud woman with handsome, broad features; her eyes, lips and chin are even and level, suggesting a person of high integrity. The face is serious and calm; yet a smile is easily imagined. The woman, Käthe Kollwitz, is here, completely. This is an image which will always stay with me. Continue reading Käthe Kollwitz: an art of profound compassion

Portrait of the Artist: Käthe Kollwitz

Käthe Kollwitz (née Schmidt, 1867–1945) was one of the leading artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, notable for the emotional power of her drawing, printmaking and later sculpture. This exhibition focuses on around forty works from the British Museum’s remarkable print collection. The exhibition highlights the importance of Kollwitz’s work and celebrates the enduring impact of her powerful and affecting images.  Continue reading Portrait of the Artist: Käthe Kollwitz